Team-Arena Shooter Reinvented


20 Unique Heroes! 20 flavours of actions! 20 Exciting Ways to Win Prizes!


Depending on the character, distinct abilities are inherited. No activation is needed.
Targeted at teammates. The personal effect on characters depends on the number of positively affected teammates. There is a fast cooldown with no resources required.
Powerful character definition capability that changes the situation on the battlefield for the entire team. 


There is a weapon for every situation, yet situations are influenced by the seasons in the Farcana arenas.

Weapon types

Shotguns, pistols, shockers, grenades and other short distance weapons.
Machine guns, automatic rifles, fast shooting weapons for medium distance.
Long distance, extra wide range, powerful but slow.
Construction tools and special purpose equipment. Not necessarily weapons but tools for creative problem-solving.
Bows, swords, and launchers.


Set criteria for winning in each battleground are: escorting a target or object, scoring points, and capturing the area. These conditions require players to plan strategically around the coordination of their teams. Which characters should be picked? What weapons should be used? Different characters, weapons, and how the teams utilized them in different combat scenarios make a difference! But all battlegrounds have two attributes: a timer and the ability to respawn.
Each match is only given a limited time. However, this deadline may be extended based on the teams' actions. For example, suppose the time ran out on the maps with area control, but this control is being contested. In that case, time can be added until no activity related to the victory conditions can be carried out.
Battlegrounds attribute respawn points for each team. If a character dies, it respawns after a certain time based on the available respawn points. If a wounded character reaches the respawn points needed for their team, all of the missing health points can be restored. Other ways to restore health points on the battleground, such as health boxes and healing platforms.
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