Bitcoin-Backed Prize Pool

Competing for Bitcoin rewards distributed through Play-to-Hash (P2H)
P2H is Farcana’s patented in-game reward solution. Dedicated hash rate allocation means a transparent and guaranteed Bitcoin prize pool. Farcana’s prize pool is not dependent on the number of players enrolled in tournaments, tokens sold, or the community’s activity. Bitcoins are mined and distributed via the Facana tournaments consistently.

Free For All Competition

Yes! You heard it right, FREE! Everyone can participate in our Free-to-Play and still stand a chance to win Bitcoin rewards depending on their performance and ranking in the last (quarterly) season.


The Pro League’s seasons are shorter and with higher Bitcoin rewards. To enter the Pro League, you must own a Battle Pass. Your eligible rewards are based on your performance during the monthly season; this requires considerable skills and coordinated team effort. Only with superb team coordination can you stand a chance to take down the Bitcoin Prizes.


This Championship is fast, intense, and has a lucrative prize pool! In this ultimate stand-off, the most outstanding team competes with one another – but only the Winner takes it all. This is strictly a by-invitation-only Championship. Invitations are based on players' performance in the Free For All Competition and Pro League. However, selective players may receive an invitation based on sponsorship.
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