farcana STORY

In a not-so-distant future, Earth is on the brink of environmental collapse, forcing humanity to turn its eyes towards Mars as the last hope for survival.
As Mars becomes the new frontier, its burgeoning population faces the challenges of establishing a new civilization amidst limited resources, a complex political landscape, and the enigmatic substance Infilium.
This substance, discovered on Mars, holds the potential to reshape human society and technology but comes with its own set of risks and ethical questions.
Year 2101

a second chance from mars

Earth was dying all throughout the 21st century, all the while humans were conquering a new frontier. Mars was new, unburdened by humanities past mistakes, ripe with it's future opportunities. The two planets coexisted for a time, one blossoming from the other's decay. Mars drew in ambitious, reckless explorers and paragons, ready to carve out a hopeful future for all who came after them. And they did.
A new compound was found on Mars – Infilium. In all fields, from human DNA to quantum computing, Infilium proved to be a revolutionary discovery. Sadly, due to it's volatile nature it could never be delivered to Earth, former dooming the planet.

The builders of the future

Eventually people started to move to Mars in huge waves. Martians became rich, prospering and powerful. The builders of the future.
The terraformation of Mars, however, proved more difficult than expected. There was simply not enough room for everyone.
And yet...

there was a chance

FARCANA was established – a tournament for STARS. The tournament not only became the show of the century, but also the embodiment of humans, corporations, political parties and everyone caught in between fighting for a place in humanities future.
All one needs to enter is to inject Infilium. It will improve your capabilities, make you stronger, faster, smarter and better in all the ways you ever wished to be. The cost is comparatively small – a slight probability of losing your mind.

But the prize...

The prize is truly worth it. A wish-granting Token from the most powerful corporation on Mars. For most, a chance to get themselves a home, a place on Mars enough to house and feed a whole town of people. For others, a strong political tool. For everyone - a dream worth fighting for.