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What is Farcana?What is Axelar? what prizes do winners get?what happened to earth?WHAT ARE PEOPLE WAITING FOR?Is it dangerous to join
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What is Farcana?
Farcana was created in 2079 as a research initiative to study the effects of Axelar on the human body.  However, the project soon became a competition featuring selected heroes who underwent the "Axelar Transformation" procedure.
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These selected heroes, each with their abilities, form a team of 4 to compete against each other in a series of battles. The battles take place in various arenas, each with its own set of challenges and conditions. Contestants must use their skills and firearms to outmaneuver and outsmart their opponents to win the grand prize.

The championship is broadcast on Mars and Earth, making it a galactic event.
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What is Axelar?
During the first scientific mission to Mars in 2035, a groundbreaking substance known as Axelar was discovered. This remarkable material has the unusual potential to enter into a symbiotic relationship with whatever complex information carrier it comes into contact with, be it code or DNA.
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Thousands of new technologies were created as a result of this discovery, which used Axelar's power to provide individuals with incredible skills. As a result, the Farcana Championship was formed, providing an unrivaled spectacle that has enthralled viewers around the solar system. Battles between teams of transformed warriors with unique abilities are truly a sight to behold.
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 What prizes do winners get?
What can you win in the Farcana Championship, you ask? All the Stars that compete in Farcana fight for an idea, a dream, some higher goal. Any wish of a winner will be granted by the corporations. Anything from moving a family from orbit to mars to the forgiveness of past transgressions. There's also the chance to acquire a part of the terraformed territory on Mars!
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That's right, since 2094, it's been possible to win a piece of the Red Planet, and with the number of people eagerly waiting their turn in orbit, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. So, don't sit idly by in your office, my friend; take a chance and see if you have what it takes to become a Martian landowner!
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Wait, why is there a long line? What about Earth?
I regret to inform you, my friend, that humanity witnessed a catastrophic turn of events in 2065: Earth was irreversibly damaged. The ecology gradually deteriorated, and severe climatic anomalies wreaked havoc, destroying several huge cities.
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A decade later, the Global Alliance acknowledged our planet's impending doom and launched a campaign to evacuate humanity to Mars. The planet's core had finally frozen over as the last of the spacecraft left in 2095. Those ships are still in Martian orbit, yearning for a new beginning.
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Do they have to wait long?
Mars is currently home to a staggering population of over 90 million individuals. Have you ever considered the immense time and resources required to terraform enough land to accommodate this massive influx of people?
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Based on preliminary estimates, the ambitious endeavor of housing the entire population from orbit is projected to take approximately 35-40 years.
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Why don't they all just land and take over everything?
They can do it, but what will be the outcome? There are, unfortunately, simply not enough resources on Mars for everyone in orbit. If they were to land now, a famine would land with them…
And what would happen to Foresight's Mars endeavors if all Axelar researchers were forced to leave? The "Red Beacon" terraforming project and resource extraction machines would undoubtedly suffer if the technicians who operate them were not present.
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Furthermore, what kind of impact would it have if we displaced everyone already on Mars and crammed their cities with a significantly larger population? What difference would it make?
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Is participation in Farcana dangerous?
It used to be very dangerous indeed. But no more! In 2099, Farcana's infamous "Bloody Age" finally came to an end. Starting this year, Farcana has officially implemented the STASIS technology.
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This innovative technology teleports the players to safety a second before death, restoring them to their uninjured state in the process. Therefore, there is no need for concern or worry.
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Are there many people willing to participate?
Many individuals have been excited to participate since it became possible to win a house on Mars and safely live in it. There were many willing individuals even before that, but Axelar's harsh effects made it a challenging experience.
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However, because the selection method has changed, only individuals of a specific caliber are eligible to participate. The process includes numerous applications, motivational letters, and questionnaires, followed by a compatibility check with Axelar. Only then does the training phase commence.
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Good luck to you, my friend!
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Suppose one of my friends is a member of some undesirable group. Would they still be eligible to participate?
The Farcana Championship is an inclusive event where everyone can participate, regardless of gender, race, or age (as long as they are at least 15). Even if someone belongs to an organization prohibited on Mars, they are still welcome to participate in the championship. Discrimination, prejudice, and inequality are not tolerated.
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