Two minds in single combat


"There is only one Muaddi, and that's me."

Introducing Muaddi – the perfect soldier of Foresight and the tortured hero of Anthill caged together in a shared body. The misguided avenger of her STAR mother and enemy of the corporations captured and turned into Foresight's most effective weapon by the wonderful technology of biohacking. The tech perfected on her has allowed Foresight to save hundreds of lives with Stasis! On every respawn she switches between personalities! Which one of them will be there for the win? Watch Farcana to find out!
The Bloody General


"Someone has to get their hands dirty for a brighter future."

Cerberus - The rabid dog of Red Beacon becomes the prisoner of their machinations. Tricked to serve the corporations for which he has committed atrocities that can not be excused, he now wishes to bee free. Pray that the dog stays on a leash. He might say he wishes to retire, but he also promised his soldiers freedom before executing them in the street.
Mother to all Earthlings


"Like hope, I have no right to die."

Minerva - the first person to set foot on mars and essentially the leader of humanity. She is the embodiment of democracy, every action she takes is decided by vote. She was voted to lead Earth's evacuation effort and became captain to The FLAGSHIP. She entered Farcana without an infilium injection, since she was affected by it when she first arrived on mars in 2037. Now, that she decided to participate in the games, every earthling roots for her, since her loss would mean pandemonium for all.
A winged adventurer


"I envy birds, they never forget to refuel."

Q - The last person to leave earth, the first to enter this year's Farcana. He was born underground and left Earth as a stowaway on the last of the escape pods. The boy never saw the skies and clouds of earth, now he wants to tame the skies of Mars. He made a promise to his father that he would never stop flying, and look how far he has flown.