Welcome to Farcana, a revolutionary AAA-game development studio

We're not just game developers; we're pioneers, crafting the future of e-sport entertainment.
Our objective is simple, yet audacious: to blend the cutting-edge innovations of web 3 games with the legacy of web 2, fostering a new era in gaming.

Reinventing team arena TPS genre with focus on eSports and sustainable economics

At Farcana, we're more than a company. We're a community of gamers, creators, and innovators
We're committed to designing extraordinary experiences that captivate, challenge, and inspire. Join us to embark on this exciting journey into the uncharted territories of next-gen gaming. Welcome to the future, welcome to Farcana.

Our journey begins in Dubai, where our headquarters brims with creativity and ambition. But our passion knows no borders. Our talented team of over a seventy veteran game developers spans across Warsaw, Belgrade, Minsk, and Bishkek, all united by a shared love for gaming and a desire to push its boundaries.


Ilman Shazhaev
Founder & CEO
Alex Minkin
Game Director
George Dobrodeev
Chief Marketing Adviser
Arbi Tularov
Product owner
Islam Shazhaev
Chief business development officer
Imam Idrisov
Head of eSport


Travladd Crypto
Binance affiliate,
Co Founder KingFinance,
Web3 gaming influencer
Whit Gibbs
of Compass Mining
Towqeer Gilkar
Angel Investor, UAE, CEO Emchain
Angel Investor, UAE,
CEO of Kapo Capital
Charles Read
Founding Partner of Rarestone Capital


AAA gaming

Farcana Studio
International team
HQ in Dubai
70 farcanians revolutionizing the gaming world