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Apr 28, 2023

Embark on an Epic Journey with Cerberus in Farcana: A Battle for Redemption and Freedom

Enter the world of Farcana, where Cerberus, a seasoned soldier turned general, is on a quest to secure freedom for his family and himself. As the lands of Mars fell into private hands, squatters emerged as a significant threat.

Cerberus, with his unparalleled military prowess, was entrusted to restore order and was promised the relocation of his wife and rebel son, Dorian, to Mars upon successful completion of his mission.

Cerberus understood that no ordinary person would venture to Mars to eliminate the peaceful squatters, so he assembled a team of hardened criminals from Earth's most notorious prisons. This fearsome squad knew their path to freedom was a one-way ticket...

As the brutal onslaught unfolded, squatters fled in terror, leaving the corporations' land secured. However, complications arose when Dorian got himself imprisoned, preventing him from joining his family on Mars. Seizing this opportunity, the corporations offered to resolve Dorian's situation in exchange for an extended contract. Thus, Cerberus surrendered his soul and retirement to become the Chief Security Officer for Red Beacon.

In this new role, Cerberus sought a fresh start, purging his Death Squad of all but the most loyal members, who were integrated into Red Beacon as "Red Canis" - the ferocious enforcers who instilled fear in the hearts of their enemies. As their reputation spread, no one dared to challenge them.

Meanwhile, Dorian was isolated under company supervision, only to escape after a year. Red Beacon, however, withheld this information from Cerberus, valuing his unwavering service. When Cerberus eventually discovered the truth, he entered the Farcana tournament, determined to use his winnings to liberate his son. The revelation that Dorian would also be competing in the tournament ignited a burning rage within Cerberus.

Join Cerberus in Farcana as he confronts his past, battles for his family's freedom, and faces the ultimate test of loyalty and redemption. Embrace the challenge, and unleash the wrath of the legendary general in this gripping and immersive gaming experience.