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Nov 3, 2023
8 min

Farcana’s Monthly Digest: October Edition

We bring you the second edition of our Monthly Digest. In this issue, we'll dive into some of the autumn updates we've been preparing for the Farcana Autumn Tournament, which will take place on November 11-12.

We decided to run not one, but TWO playtests. The first one was held on October 28-29, allowing players to get a taste of the action and familiarize themselves with the gameplay. The second one will take place on November 4-5 for the final practice run before the big day.

Without further ado, discover what updates we dropped in October.


Muaddi redesign

We've made significant updates to Muaddi's abilities. Previously, Muaddi had a special ability focused on running and a tactical ability that allowed for setting up defensive and damage-increasing barriers.

Now, Muaddi has a new special ability that allows for a quick jerk movement in a straight line. For the tactical ability, we have simplified the logic for setting barriers by integrating them into a single key press instead of separate points.

Improved quality of Cerberus

Cerberus has also seen improvements in his abilities. Previously, his passive ability featured AOE healing dependent on weapon shots, the tactical ability involved tactical points that buff allies, and his ultimate ability featured a cell that damaged and slowed enemies exiting a zone.

Now, Cerberus has gotten a full rework of his passive abilities, which includes healing packs that drop from defeated enemies and a new AOE heal zone with two sectors that differ in healing effectiveness. His tactical ability received an additional teleport mode of use, and his ultimate ability had its cage setting logic and enemy visibility through walls effects changed. Furthermore, Cerberus now has a new special ability, which he didn’t have before, to set up a vampirism effect zone.

New Star

Teacher is our newest addition to the roster of Stars. He is in charge of the orphanage ship in orbit. Teacher is an orphan himself and has dedicated his efforts to evacuating other orphans from Earth. He plans to use his winnings to purchase land and build an orphanage free from the corporation’s influence.

Teacher has his:

  • Passive ability that allows him to leave an area where allies can dash when using their other abilities.
  • Special ability that allows him to provide barriers to allies and retrieve them as needed as the barrier regenerates.
  • Tactical ability, which is a wave that repels enemies and blocks projectiles.
  • Ultimate ability that allows Teacher to boost all other abilities temporarily.


Game role selection

We implemented a role limitation feature for coordinated gameplay. Thanks to this feature, your team can only select one Star from each of the following roles: Frontliner (initiates battles), Tactician (protects the team), Healer (heals the team), or Disruptor (breaks opponents' strategies).


New lobby design

The lobby, which sets the stage for battles in Farcana, has a new design to provide a more immersive experience.


Payments acceptance

Players can now pay for in-game purchases with their bank cards. We currently accept card payments only, but we're working on integrating cryptocurrency payment options soon.

That's it for the October edition of Farcana's Monthly Digest. We hope you've enjoyed staying up to date with the latest news and developments in Farcana.But the fun doesn't stop here! As we have mentioned, the Autumn Tournament is coming. Don't miss out on the chance to showcase your talents while fighting for your Stars in Farcana. Sign up now and get ready to battle it out with your team.