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Jul 14, 2023
6 min

Interview With A Pro: The First Farcana Playtest

We are thrilled to highlight the incredible achievements of George "ShaDowBurn" Guschcha, one of the winners from our recent Farcana playtest in this interview!

We sat down with ShaDowBurn, a former professional Overwatch League player, to hear his insights into the first Farcana playtest and what drove him towards Web3 gaming.

As a previous pro player for Paris Eternal and a main player for FaZe in Overwatch League, ShaDowBurn became renowned for his jaw-dropping plays on the character Genji. His ability to navigate intense battles and deliver game-changing moves made him a fan favorite and a force to be reckoned with in the competitive Overwatch scene.

With a gaming career spanning over a decade, ShaDowBurn's passion for competition has remained unwavering. From his early days as a competitive gamer since the age of 14 to his time in the Overwatch League, he has continuously sought new challenges to showcase his skills and push the boundaries of his abilities.

ShaDowBurn and his friends, always on the lookout for exciting gaming opportunities, eagerly joined the Farcana playtest. Their attraction to upcoming Web3 games like Farcana stems from the smaller competition pool, allowing them to test their skills against like-minded gamers and forge new paths in the world of gaming.

We had the privilege of speaking with ShaDowBurn about his experiences as a professional gamer and his thoughts on Farcana. Given our vision of becoming an esports-focused powerhouse, we want Farcana to become as competitive and fair as possible, meaning feedback from people like ShaDowBurn will be invaluable to making Farcana the best gaming experience it can be.

During our conversation, he shared insights into his journey, the thrill of competing in the playtest, and much more.