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May 5, 2023

Q: A Journey from the Depths of Earth to the Stars of Mars

In the final moments of Earth's demise, a young boy named Q emerged as the last soul to abandon its surface. Born closer to the planet's core than to its surface, Q's life unfolded within the dark confines of underground mines. As lifts shuttled others to the world above, he remained grounded, tethered to the subterranean realm.

Q was a child of miners, and as the final ships prepared to flee Earth, those who labored in the depths were forsaken. Q and his family, abandoned and forgotten, watched as the last lift to the surface departed without them. While the adults resigned themselves to their fate, a young boy refused to surrender. With walls adorned in drawings of clouds and stars, ten-year-old Q dreamt of escaping the shadows.

Driven by Q's unwavering hope, the miners united to gather their remaining resources. His father, a brilliant yet underutilized engineer, constructed a makeshift jetpack. The family name, Quong, proudly emblazoned with the letter "Q," adorned the wings.

"Fly, and don't you dare stop," his father urged, igniting the jetpack's engine. Ascending through the mine for hours, Q pushed on, fueled by determination and hope. Upon reaching the underground spaceport, however, no ship would accept the nameless, passport-less boy, his jetpack a testament to his grit.

Undeterred, Q stowed away on a ship, only to find it devoid of windows. Though denied Earth's sky, Mars' celestial beauty awaited him. When discovered stealing food, the passengers called for his removal, but the captain, moved by Q's spirit, took him under his wing. Unable to speak his name, the boy became known as "Q" to the crew.

Two decades passed, and as Q set foot on Mars, he remembered his promise to his father. The taste of freedom was intoxicating, and he craved more. Upon learning of Farcana, Q enlisted without hesitation, vowing to honor his father's words: never stop, never surrender.