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Oct 7, 2023
10 min

Farcana’s Monthly Digest: September Edition

Welcome to the first issue of Farcana's Monthly Digest! Each month, we'll bring you the latest updates, additions, and improvements to the game so you can stay up-to-date and ready for the next adventure. In this issue, we'll cover all the updates made in September for a better experience in the upcoming Farcana Autumn Tournament on October 28 - 29. You can expect even more surprises when the Farcana Autumn Tournament arrives. Let the recap begin!


Redesign of Diana: In this update, we've added Diana’s long-awaited passive ability, which she didn’t have previously. She now possesses an AOE heal zone with two distinct treatment-effective sectors.

Quality and detail improvement of Q: Q, the last person to leave Earth, got his tactical abilities reworked. One notable change is his trap, which now has the ability to bounce and pounce on enemies after being set. This is an upgrade from the previous trap with a stasis effect and intermittent damage.

Additionally, his ultimate ability now features a fixed trap scattering pattern. This is convenient, unlike when he used to soar upwards, dive down, and scatter traps across the area.

New character: The update introduces a new character, Sherwood, an ex-military elite squadron captain who uses her skills to take from the rich and give to the poor. Farcana’s Robinhood:

  • Special ability is to leap forward, which deals damage and extends her range when crossing paths with enemies.
  • Tactical abilities include a missile that deals more damage the more health an enemy has and a shield that absorbs damage and reflects it to nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate ability is a cloaking zone that gives allies acceleration and periodic invisibility.


Spaceport: The Spaceport arena has a new map with 3 capture points corresponding to the new LD-vision technology, deeply elaborating routing, shelters, and additional collision positions. This meets the game-mode requirements. There is a new stadium in the Spaceport.

‘Targets’ have also been introduced. In this mode, 4 targets are placed on the field, 2 for each team. The task is to destroy the other team's targets while attacking and defending sides change over time.


Match spectator: Players can now observe live matches as spectators, allowing them to learn from others and improve their skills.

Match reconnect: If a player disconnects from a match, they can now rejoin and continue playing without having to start over.


Reworked combat UI: The game's combat UI has been completely overhauled, providing players with a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. With the new combat UI, battles become more immersive and engaging than ever before

New menu design: The game's menu has received a new look, making it easier for you to navigate and find what you need seamlessly.


New launcher: The new launcher eliminates many issues players previously faced.

No antivirus block: The update also eradicates the frustrations caused by antivirus software blocks, allowing you to launch into the game without any interruptions or obstacles.


Marketplace: The Farcana marketplace is live, allowing players to purchase and sell in-game items.

Wallet: The game's wallet system has been overhauled, providing players a more convenient and secure way to manage their in-game funds.

Personal cabinet: You can now access your personal cabinet, where you can view your stats, progress, and rewards.