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Apr 18, 2023

Farcana's News Digest: Ilman Shazhaev's Interview, AI Chatbot Development, and Nrfftcalendar's Article

Interview with Ilman Shazhaev at the AIBC Eurasia 2023 Summit

At the AIBC Eurasia 2023 Summit, one of the most highly anticipated interviews was with Ilman Shazhaev, Founder & CEO of Farcana. AIBC reporter Wesley Ellul will sit down with Shazhaev to discuss the challenges he faced in building Farcana, and his vision for the future of blockchain technology. 

Comment by Dmitry Mikhailov for Al-Monitor 

Astra Tech, supported by Abu Dhabi's G42, has developed the first Arabic language AI chatbot. This comes as the number of signatories of the open letter calling for a pause in the development of advanced AI more than doubled since last Monday, with growing concern about unregulated AI. Despite this, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are determined to push the use of AI forward to create their own AI solutions to region-specific issues and grow their economies. Dimitry Mihaylov, Chief Scientific Officer at metaverse gaming platform Farcana, believes that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has the ability to handle unprecedented issues through ethical guidelines, well-managed firewalls, and streamlined governance. He said in an interview with Al-Monitor: "They can create their own regulations and can implement them instantly. Like during the Qatar World Cup". 

Article about Farcana on Nrfftcalendar

The popular media Nrfftcalendar has recently published a fascinating article about Farcana. The article delves into the intricate gameplay mechanics of Farcana, as well as highlighting the unique aspects that set it apart from other games in the genre. For Farcana fans who are looking to dive deeper into the game, we highly recommend checking out the article by following the link provided. We hope that you find it as informative and engaging as we did, and we look forward to continuing to share more exciting updates about Farcana with our dedicated community of gamers.