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Nov 20, 2023

Farcana Autumn Tournament Recap

The highly anticipated Farcana Autumn Tournament took place on November 11-12, featuring 4v4 battles. From 11 am - 7 pm daily (UTC +4), the arenas were opened for players worldwide to fight for their Stars. At the end of each day, the top 100 players got to win from the prize pool of $3250 in BTC. The higher the player’s position on the leaderboard, the higher the prize. 

But before we dive into the recap, let's talk about the game — Farcana. Farcana is a team-based shooter game that's all about strategy and skill. Players are divided into two teams of four players. Players choose a Star with different roles — frontliner, tactician, healer, or disruptor — to fight for. Each of these Stars has its own abilities and weapons.

The Farcana Autumn Tournament

The tournament brought together players worldwide who competed in 4v4 team-based battles in the arenas. The 2-day event was action-packed, resulting in a total of 663 matches. Teams strategized and executed tactics during each match, engaging in intense battles that made every moment count.

Once players joined the game, they had the opportunity to choose from the current roster of Stars — Diana, Cerberus, Muaddi, Q, Teacher, and Sherwood. Each of these Stars has a unique role to play, such as Frontliner, Tactician, Healer, or Disruptor. This allowed players to strategize and coordinate their efforts effectively as they worked together to achieve victory.

Farcana’s matchmaking system matched players to form a team of 4 players who would compete against another team of 4.

The Road to the Autumn Tournament (Playtests and Preparations)

Before the Farcana Autumn Tournament, we had 2 playtests. The first playtest event took place from October 28-29, allowing players to test the latest features and improvements. This 2-day trial run allowed squads to get a glimpse of what to expect at the tournament and refine their strategies accordingly. The second playtest was held from November 4-5, providing one last practice opportunity before the main event. 

We gathered helpful feedback from participants of both playtests and used it to enhance the gameplay experience during the Farcana Autumn Tournament.

Updates Before the Tournament

In the months leading up to the Autumn Tournament, we prepared the platform for your enjoyment through updates discussed in detail in the September and October editions of our monthly digest. We made updates to the:

  • Stars: Two new Stars were added — Teacher and Sherwood. We also reworked Q, Diana, Muaddi, and Cerberus's abilities.
  • Arenas: The Spaceport arena was fully redesigned while we unveiled the new Stadium arena
  • Systems: Reconnecting features have been improved for a smoother experience. The role selection process was streamlined.
  • Design: Combat UIs and the lobby got revamped for immersive gameplay.

The Road Ahead: What Lies Beyond the Autumn Tournament

The Farcana Autumn Tournament ended successfully and brought together talents worldwide. The feedback we received from players and the community has been invaluable in assessing the strengths and areas for improvement. Your input will guide us in making future tournaments even more engaging and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Future Prospects

Farcana is still in its prototype stage, and there are numerous developments planned for the game in terms of Stars, weapons, system, design, platform, and more. One of the key aspects we are focused on is expanding the roster of Stars. 

Farcana will have more Stars in the coming year, each with unique stories and abilities. This will bring a greater variety of gameplay options and strategic possibilities, ensuring every player can find a Star that resonates with their play style.


We'd like to take a moment to thank each of you who participated in this event. Your enthusiasm and passion for Farcana made it a success, and we're truly grateful for your support. 

Now, onto the winners! As we’ve mentioned earlier, 100 people will be selected based on their in-game activity and performance. Our team is currently reviewing all the data, and we'll be contacting the winners within 10 working days post-event. Keep an eye on your inbox, as you might just receive an email from us with the news. 

But the fun doesn't stop with the Farcana Autumn Tournament. We will bring you more events and updates in the future. To stay up-to-date on all the latest news and developments, be sure to follow our official channels and keep an eye on our socials.