Farcana is building a strong Web 3 community

We are building the best Web3 community through our team's extensive experience and received feedback from our early Farcana Adoptooors. Here is how we are going to do it 

Lately, you've seen us attending various gaming-oriented events, where we spent much time chatting with community members from Web2 and Web3. 

This gave us a stronger sense of what the people expect from joining & participating in such communities and how to stir its direction.

However, we didn't just stop there. We went the extra mile and analyzed it additionally from a data perspective to gain even more insights into our newborn theory. 

Our discovery led us to recognize which social media works best with what type of content and how to balance proportional delivery. 

With this information in our mind, we were able to fine-tune our new marketing strategy approach to accommodate our future Web2 and Web3 gamers.  

We hope that you are ready for Farcana.

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