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Meet our first character - Muaddi

Best in her class in Harvard University, Muaddi was recruited by Foresight Inc. to spearhead one of its quantum physics research projects. She rose quickly both as a scientist and as a corporate politician. 

Being among the first scientists to move to Mars, non the least due to much more freedom provided by distance from governments and  bureaucracy of Earth, Muaddi achieved breakthrough success in project "STASIS" - AI controlled quantum teleportation technology. One of the unexpected benefits of STASIS technology was that not only object (say, human) could be instantly teleported, but it could also be saved in STASIS data base for some time, and if something happened with the transported person within few hours after teleportation (severe wound or death) it could be restored from the STASIS database with a little drawback of not remembering last few hours. 

There was another reason for Muaddi to move her project to Mars. It was a unique and extremely rare Martian substance, found by accident during early days of colonization. Its properties are still widely unknown, but its effect on humans body and psyche was incredible, it made people faster, stronger, smarter and in certain dosage unlocked unique superpowers varying from human to human. This substance, when taken, not only distributed via blood vessels, but it made every atom of the organism glow for some time. This is what made Muaddi want to get access to it, because it was the only way to track the human body during teleportation on an atomic level.

First experiments resulted in test subjects' deaths, and the project was put on hold. Muaddi then stole the substance, sneaked into the lab and made an experiment with adjusted procedure using herself as a test subject. The test was almost a success. With one drawback - the system created a new copy of Muaddi at a different location,  but failed to erase her version in the starting point. Thus making another full copy of her. 

The new copy had all the intellect and character traits of Muaddi, but was lacking the lust for political power and her inclinations to use any means necessary to get what she desired. After the brief confrontation the new Muaddi left and disappeared in the Martian desert for some time. 

Using the success of the experiment, the original Muaddi used her corporate political talent to get the position and power she always wanted. It stretched far beyond Foresight Inc. - STASIS technology and the mysterious Martian substance became the foundation of Farcana Games, the deadliest, the most popular and the best paid gladiator games reality show being broadcast from Mars to the rest of the Solar system. 

Ironically, original Muaddi and her missing identical quantum twin will meet on Farcana Battlegrounds.

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