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May 12, 2023
5 min

The Voice of Billions and the First Martian

Minerva - the voice of billions. She was the first person to step foot on Mars, the first person to be granted prolonged life by martian technology and the first person to become the embodiment of an idea.

Minerva was born in 2000 A.D. The century began with her, and with her it now ends. She was a politician on earth, a big one at that, but she was always dissatisfied with the nature of her time's society. One day, an idea came to her. An app was developed, "Polis" - named after the perfect democracy of the past. And she became Minerva - the goddess of wisdom, the protector of the people. Every person with the app could vote for everything Minerva did or didn't do, and thus she became the embodied will of earth's citizens.

When time came, she was voted to go to Mars. Apparently she was not thrilled about the idea, since it meant leaving the UN unattended for an unacceptable amount of time, but the people had spoken, so she, of course, was going anyway.

The moment she stepped foot outside the ship, something went very wrong, or, well, very right. A deposit of some strange material had affected her, prolonging her life and enhancing her senses and abilities, but she did not know it at the time.

She eventually returned to Earth only to find out that while she was gone, Earth, naturally, started to die. As time passed more and more people saw the opportunity for a new life on Mars. When it was time for Earth to be completely evacuated, Minerva was voted to head the expedition, which basically made her Earth's last great leader.

Heading the FLAGSHIP, by the time she reached Mars, she found her people desperate, stuck in orbit and refused landing rights.

Already having been affected by the strange new matter found on Mars, she was the first to volunteer to enter Farcana. The prize was promised to end up with a randomly chosen earthling. Everyone trembles at the idea of her demise in the games, since it would obviously lead to absolute pandemonium.