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Announcement of the new Lore, Dev Stream with Philip Dmitrov, interview with Ilman Shazhaev and Dimitry Mihaylov in our weekly digest

Farcana Development Director Philip Dmitrov hosted Dev Stream for the community. He told about Farcana game server architecture and how our development team deal with problems.


Ilman Shazhaev, founder and CEO Farcana, told MetaNews that the Hermes win was a defeat of the non-fungible token industry as a whole, not just the digital artist Mason Rothschild.

“The case of Hermès winning a lawsuit against NFTs is crucial. Many companies that work in metaverses are hesitant to use non-fungible tokens because there are no clear regulations. Metaverse company strategies depend on tokenomics and such rules are essential. Without digital assets, most metaverse projects struggle to identify sources of income”.

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Farcana presented the future history of Mars in the new Lore and users actively discussed it on Discord

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Dimitry Mihaylov, Farcana chief scientific officer, in an interview for Al-Monitor told that spelling out fintech rules puts Dubai ahead of the global pack. 

“It looks like VARA learned the lesson from the United Kingdom and now harmonizes digital assets laws in favor of metaverse,” he told Al-Monitor, referring to the fact that Britain’s finance ministry laid out its first set of crypto rules only on Tuesday, according to Reuters.  

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